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Our Program Focus

01. Mensural Health Hygiene

In many communities where we work, most menstruation is still a taboo subject and once young girls start menstruating they are forced to drop out of school due to lack of effective menstrual hygiene education or lack of affordable menstrual products. By providing them with SRH and menstrual hygiene education and by providing reusable menstrual products we are empowering and enabling them to stay in school and become competitive with their male peers.


02. Gender-Based Violence Awareness

In sexual abuse awareness, we focus on 5 key areas: consent, being aware of your environment and recognizing dangerous situations - even at home, recognizing signs of abuse, how to support a sexually abuse individual, and finally awareness of legal channels to report sexual abuse.

03. Girls and Young Women Empowerment

To ensure that young women are independent financially and not reliant on their male relatives, we provide entrepreneurship training which consists of a session on business ideas generation for students so that they can be empowered to be financially independent from a young age. We also provide a more robust program to young women which also includes training on financial management.



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